Lorch MX350 Portable Mig/Stick/Tig Power Source

Lorch MX350 Portable Mig/Stick/Tig Power Source

Lorch MX350 is the Workhorse for Construction Sites and Maintenance.

  • Multi-process for every application
  • 15 meter radius around the power source
  • For tough daily construction site operations

        M as in MIG-MAG-mobile and multi-process. 
        X as in eXtra strong thanks to MICOR inverter technology.


        MIG-MAG optimised for mixed gas and CO2 
        plus synergic and multi-process applications: Lift TIG, electrode, CEL

        Easy operation is one of the particular strengths of the MX 350. It lets you select the welding process of your choosing with a turn of your wrist. You can switch between MIG-MAG with mixed gas or CO2, Lift TIG and electrode welding with the press of a button.

        The unit also allows you to enable MIG-MAG synergic mode directly and adjust the settings with ease: Simply select the characteristic curves, and the system will automatically adjust the wire feed to each voltage setting.

        Finally, inverter technology makes it possible to achieve specific end crater filling – to give a clean finish to your weld seam.


        You can also hire LN25 with MX350


        MX 350
        Welding range
        MIG-MAG 10 - 350 A
        TIG 10 - 350 A
        Electrode 10 - 350 A
        Weldable wires
        Steel 0,8 - 1,2 mm
        Aluminium 1,0 - 1,2 mm
        CuSi 0,8 -1,2 mm
        Duty cycle
        Duty cycle 100% (40°C)* 230 A
        Duty cycle 60% (40°C)* 280 A
        Duty cycle I max. (40°C)* 35 %
        Mains voltage 50/60 Hz 3 ~ 400 V
        Permitted mains tolerance +25 %/-40 %
        Mains fuse, delayed action 25 A
        Mains plug CEE 32
        Dimensions (mm) 515 x 185 x 400
        Weight 18,6 kg