Fastlube 70+

70+ provides smooth make-up and break-out, prevents rust and corrosion and even includes an H2S inhibitor! Containing pure molybdenum disulfide, more than any other molypaste, FastLUBE 70+ is perfect for general use on threaded connections and press fits and ideal for use on nut splitter chisels. Use 70+ for wear-in applications and a variety of jobs where friction is present.

REDLubricating Function AG RS18 444 70+
REDAnti-Galling Excellent* Excellent* Good Good
REDWater Resistance Fair Good Excellent* Good*
REDChemical Resistance Good Good Good Good
REDRust/Corrosion Prevention Fair Fair Excellent* Excellent*
REDHeat Stability Fair Fair Good Good
REDSealing Excellent* Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable