Clean & Strip Mounted Disc

Clean & Strip Mounted Disc for general purpose cleaning applications. This disc offers long life and improved cut rate. It reduces rework caused by gouging and undercutting from some traditional abrasives and is more effective and safer than wire brushes without loading. Suitable for cleaning rust, paint and other surface contaminants, while reducing damage to the underlying surface.

  • Offers long life and improved cut rate compared to the original black clean and strip.
  • Spindle (Shaft) mounted for easy fitting to a die grinder.
  • Use on straight shaft tools with collets or chucks.
  • Available with either one or two discs on a 6mm diameters.
  • Ideal for pre and post weld cleaning in metal fabrication.
  • Type: Flexible Clean & Strip.
  • Diameter: 150 mm. Thickness: 8 mm.
  • Grit grade: Extra Coarse.
  • Speed rating: 6000 rpm.
  • Arbour hole size: 25 mm.
  • Colour: Blue.