Cell Arc Portable battery TIG Stick welder
Cell Arc Battery Operated Welder Kit

Cell Arc Portable battery TIG Stick welder

There's a lot more to this German-made welding inverter than what the eye sees at first glance.This compact little welder will burn up to 28 x 2.5mm sticks per battery (42 mins blue time on Tig @ about 110 amps).

Not bad for a lightweight welder of 14kg, especially considering it can be brought in backpack form. Just because it is so little and light doesn't mean its not tough either. Its robust build protects it against falls from a height of up to 80cm. In the same package as cutting-edge inverter technology, this welder boasts a high efficiency with low energy consumption rate. With Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation technology, there's almost nothing left to desire when it comes to battery powered welding.(More details below).


  • Compact: The low weight and compact dimensions of the Cell Arc 1600 series make it a cinch to work just the way you want even in the most confined spaces.
  • Multifunctional: The Cell Arc 1600 series always offers you the right tool whether you need to weld with basic, rutile or special electrodes. Better still, it provides long duty cycles, high power reserves and the possibility of TIG welding with ContacTIG ignition.
  • Hotstart: Thanks to the adaptive automatic Hotstart feature you can always count on perfect ignition.
  • Anti-Stick System: The Anti-Stick system prevents the electrode from sticking.
  • Arc-Force regulation : Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process with increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer.
  • Dependable: Even when powered by a generator and hooked up to long cables, the Cell Arc 1600 strikes up reliably and remains incredibly stable.
  • Robust : Protected against falls from a height of up to 80 cm, thanks to its specially designed crash protection. Should you accidently drop your welding machine or allow it fall off the work-bench, you can simply power through and keep working.
  • Cutting-edge inverter technology :Highly advanced inverter technology including adaptive regulation technology produces exceptional welding results thanks to reduced spatter formation, compensation for operator mistakes and superior ease of use.
  • Energy-efficient: The Cell Arc 1600 series truly shines when it comes to high efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to its integrated state-of-the-art industrial electronics and fan-on-demand technology.
  • Mobile :Its low weight, compact external dimensions and protection against falls from a height of up to 80 cm Cell Arc 1600 the model that is best suited for welding applications on the go. It comes with a handy protective tool case that keeps everything you need safe and neat in one place.


Welding Range (amps) 10-150/160
Current Setting Infinitely variable
Weldable Electrodes (mm) 1.5-4.0
Duty Cycle
Duty Cycle 100% (amps) 110
Duty Cycle 60% (amps) 120
Duty Cycle at max. current (%) 30%
Mains Voltage (V) 240
Phases (50/60 Hz) 1~
Positive Mains Tolerance (%) 15%
Negative Mains Tolerance (%) 40%
Mains Fuse (amps) 16
Mains Plug Schuko
Dimensions and Weights
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 340 x 130 x 215
Weight (kg) 4.9
Standards and Approvals
Standard EN 60974-01
Protection Class (EN 60529) IP23S
Insulation Class F
Designation CE.S

Download the Datasheet

Watch video of the Cell Arc Battery Operated Welder Kit below




Download the Datasheet


Watch video of the Cell Arc Battery Operated Welder Kit below